Galaxy Trucker


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Many Ways to Play

Real-time and Turn-Based Mode

You can build your ship in frenetic speed in real-time. Or, you can build it in a brand new turn-based mode.

Play With Other Players

Play with your friends on one device. Or play multiplayer, now with new unique mission every other day!

Play Against AI

Setup your own game against AI. 12 different opponents of various difficulties and personalities await you.

Epic Campaign

Explore the Galaxy

Face danger, adventure and destruction! Many hours of pure fun, exploring the galaxy with unique characters and variable missions.

Fulfill Quests to Unlock
Better Ships

Play missions with various goals and unique ship components. Unlock higher ship classes and special ship designs.

Meet Interesting Characters

You can chat with the good, the bad, and the wise people of the galaxy. Feels just like home.

Many Hours of Addictive Gameplay

No purchases of digital currency

Your credits will be well spent, since you get the complete game.

Nice Tutorial

As useful as the famous guide for hitchhikers, only shorter.

Challenging Achievements

More than 80 achievements await you! An ancient legend says that only the best trucker will be able to get them all.

Galaxy Trucker Lands on Steam

Get ready for a whole new wider galaxy! After a board game and a mobile app comes the next step in evolution for all Truckers – they are now colonizing Steam. Get ready to explore the galaxy on wider screens of your computers and laptops.

And one more thing – the Alien Technologies expansion is already included in Galaxy Trucker: Extended Edition on Steam. Our wider galaxy has enough space to fit all your favorite blue alien specialists!


This is one hell of a good game

It’s not just the quality of the game, as that will be no surprise to fans of the board game. The app is great.

There’s a significant single-player campaign with a lot of content. There’s a robust online multiplayer suite that sports async and synchronous. The whole thing is steeped in a wonderfully charming sense of humour. This is one hell of a good game.

Owen Faraday

Completely captures the feel of board game Galaxy Trucker

I've been playing the hell out of it since yesterday and it's as good as you could hope an app to be.

Galaxy Trucker is hands-down the best adaptation of a board game to the digital format yet seen.

Matt Thrower

Fast-paced, weirdly designed, endlessly replayable – pretty much everything you could want in a board game or its digital adaptation, if you ask me.

Rob Thomas


Alien Technologies

Play 42 Single-Player Challenges

Fourteen interesting challenges, each with 3 difficulty levels. Plus, unlimited variety of new ships.

Use 15 New Types of Ship Components

Use alien artifacts, bi-directional cannons, combined components, luxury cabins, and even space catapult!

Hire New Alien Specialists

Hire Techie, Manager, Merchant, Lawyer, or Diplomat - they are the very best at what they do.

Hours of awesome new content await, trucker!

Explore New Adventure Cards

Inspect the dark corners of junkyards, escape even darker black holes, or play space billiards!

Meet New Characters...

...and revisit old friends from the campaign. They already miss you.

Enjoy Multiplayer Missions

Play crazy and challenging new missions specially designed for this expansion.


What is the difference between the board game and digital Galaxy Trucker?

Digital Galaxy Trucker has a campaign, achievements and offers you the ability to play at any time and place - offline or online. Turn-based mode is another great feature, as you can think about the building a bit more and you can even play multiple online games at once.

Did you implement any stuff from the board game expansions?

There are some unique ship parts and special missions, that we released in board game expansion Galaxy Trucker: Missions. It worked perfectly in the app and now it works on the board, too. Really explosive stuff.

In the Alien Technologies digital expansion, there are some ship components and adventure cards from The Big Expansion and Another Big Expansion.

Can the game be played across platforms and devices?

Yes! For example, you can play on your iPhone with anyone who owns the app.

Is the app universal?

No, all the versions of Galaxy Trucker are separate games. However you can play them together with your friends across devices.

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Curious Astronaut

Rough Trip

Smugglers' Ship

Pirates' Ship

Galaxy Trucker

Launch Yourself
to the Universe of Fun

It is a Board Game, too!

Did you know that this game is based on a board game by Czech game designer Vlaada Chvatil?

Galaxy Trucker was first published in 2007. It has collected several awards and has become one of the best selling CGE titles with three expansions and a big box anniversary edition. It is well known all around the world and appreciated for the unique and fun game mechanics. It is probably the only game that is really fun to be terrible at. :)

If you like the app, you would probably also like the board game, as it gives a similar experience on the table with your friends, family, and even kids. There are no individual player turns, which means that all players are actively engaged and having fun all the time.

You will be building your cardboard ships, use cute little plastic astronauts and aliens to pilot your ship, collect wooden cargo boxes, use glass batteries to charge your engines and lasers or feel the time pressure by the hourglass. You just need to make the sounds of your ship exploding yourself. (Yes, we know that there is no sound in a vacuum, but who cares).

The game has been published in 12 languages and you can find the game for purchase online or in any good board games store. You can find out all about the board game here.

There's a Novel, too!

Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road is the story of a woman and an alien trying to deliver a load of sewer pipes. It's the sort of science fiction novel in which a trucker driving faster than light can check her rearview mirror. So, yes, it is a little silly. And sometimes it's also sweet. It's set in Vlaada Chvátil's goofy Galaxy Trucker universe, so you know you can expect lots of laughs and probably a few explosions.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your driver speaking. We seem to have encountered a stretch of rocky road. By company policy, I am encouraged to remind you that your safety is not guaranteed. Please utilize the nearest escape pod if you wish to discontinue your flight..."

Hitch a ride with hardcore trucker Francesca Flores, and Wally, the little brown alien who wants to be her buddy. Begin the adventurous journey with the first chapter (pdf).

Jason A. Holt, the award-winning author of CGE rulebooks (Golden Feder 2015 for Alchemists), is also the author of this novel, the very first book published by CGE.

eBook available:

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